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Sunday, May 7
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM (1.25 CE hours)

Opening Keynote Session:

Do you hear that? It’s the Pandemic Echo: Strategies to build staff resilience

Session Description

The pandemic echo is the aftermath of the last few years.  Your staff (and you!) need resilience to help get there from here.  In this interactive session, you will walk away with concrete strategies to leverage your leadership skills to foster resilience on your teams and mitigate burnout.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss how burnout and resilience shows up in the day-to-day behaviors at work
  2. Examine the leader and employee role in responding to burnout
  3. Develop strategies to reduce burnout
  4. Applying the antidote to burnout


Kerri Burchill, PhD, PCC

Northstar Coaching

Kerri Burchill is a highly regarded author, coach, facilitator and leader, with over 25 years of engaging leaders.  With an appreciative lens, Kerri supports leaders implement structures that drive desired behaviors and outcomes.   Her wide breath of experience working in three countries and diverse industries offers insight into human behavior, out-of-the box stories that inspire, entertain, and develop leaders.  Kerri relies on evidence-based insights throughout her keynote presentations, leadership development and facilitation experiences.

Her PhD focused on how novice professionals develop their skills.  Kerri has recently published a white paper on strategies to shift employee behaviors in healthcare settings, as well as two chapters in peer-reviewed books on mentoring and reflexivity.  She started her own leadership consulting company in 2018 and brags that 100% clients continue to renew their contracts with her.

Kerri lives in San Antonio with her “best decision” of 29 years and a perfectly spoiled dog.   Find out more about her at www.kerriburchill.com.


Sunday, May 7 
2:45 PM - 4:00 PM (1.25 CE hours) 

General Session:

Personal Resilience and Renewal: In The Office and Beyond

Session Description

You can't always control the stressors in your life, but you can control how you respond to them and how your overall wellness prepares you to show up as your best self. Your staff, your employer, your family, and your friends all deserve the best version of you. Most importantly, you want to feel each day as though you are capable of navigating with calmness, strength, and vibrant energy.

In this session, you'll learn do-able strategies to build your personal resilience and add to your toolbox to leave you stronger and better equipped to manage life's emotional and physical stressors. 

Learning Objectives
  1. Specific stress management techniques for in the office - and beyond
  2. Lifestyle changes and habits that set you up for long-term resilience and wellness
  3. Powerful strategies to move from a cycle of depletion to a cycle of renewal

Deanna Clauson, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Whole Mountain Health

Deanna Clauson is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. She offers 1-on-1 coaching as well as group programs, classes, and workshops. 


She is passionate about helping you find your unique path to thriving vitality and wellness. She helps you create a sustainable lifestyle that puts your health first -- without putting the rest of your life last. She helps you start living with more intention and with a focus on small steps that add up to long-term health. She loves to help you see how much control you have over your life and your well-being. She'll help you define your health destination and then create a roadmap to get there. 

 Health is never an all-or-nothing endeavor. It is a journey: a lifelong road with twists and turns and bumps. Deanna helps you learn and embrace a mindset that keeps you moving smoothly down that road. 

Why does your health and wellness matter to you? What more could you do and be if you created a higher level of wellness for yourself? How do you want to feel tomorrow -- or in 20 years?

Deanna will help you see the best in yourself, achieve your goals, and reach vibrant wellness that allows you to do the things you love most. 

 See more about Deanna and her coaching services at www.wholemountainhealth.com


Tuesday, May 9 
7:30 AM - 8:15 AM (.75 CE hours) 

Claire Ernst, JD

Director, Government Affairs


As a Director of Government Affairs, Claire represents MGMA in Washington DC on a variety of legislative and regulatory issues important to medical groups, such as Medicare reimbursement, telehealth, and federal financial assistance programs available to physician practices. In this role, she informs policy makers in Congress and the Administration of the important role group medical practices play in the healthcare system and organizes grassroots campaigns on issues critical to physician practices.

Before joining MGMA, Claire was the Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs at HIDA, the national trade association for medical-surgical distributors. In her role there, Claire developed and maintained the association's regulatory portfolio and represented medical-surgical distributors in front of a variety of federal regulatory agencies on traceability, tariff, and emergency preparedness issues.

Claire earned a law degree from Suffolk University Law School and a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology from Franklin & Marshall College.

Visit MGMA Advocacy

General Session:

Washington Update with MGMA Government Affairs

Session Description

Join national MGMA Government Affairs staff for a Washington Update and learn about current federal policies and their impact on group practices. Attendees will learn about new and upcoming Medicare payment and quality rules, the status of surprise medical billing requirements, and the latest on MGMA’s advocacy and member engagement. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the presentation, so come ready with your questions!

Learning Objectives

This session will provide you with the knowledge to: 

  • Identify key regulatory developments  
  • Discuss legislative issues impacting medical groups  
  • Describe MGMA advocacy initiatives 


Tuesday, May 9
8:30 AM - 9:45 AM (1.25 CE hours)

Joe Quitoni

Founder and CEO


Joe is driven by passion and offers an uncommon blend of creative and structural talents. He has led and delivered significant Organizational Transformation projects creating incredible competitive advantages for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Prior to bringing Unify|Align to life, he had a storied career with The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company spanning over the duration of two decades. After working within the operation as Director of Human Resources for the brand’s hotels, he held the prestigious position of Global Head of Delivery with The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, where he was responsible for
building operational delivery processes, and evolving IP for the hotel company’s consulting firm which created dramatic, positive impact to the clients and global businesses they served.

Joe holds a Master of Science in the specialized field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology which is applied to all of the methodology currently utilized at Unify|Align ; producing successful and effective outcomes to a diverse portfolio comprised of clients from start ups to those in the Fortune 500. Joe brings not only his
passion but also personality to connect, inspire, lead and motivate all those that he comes in contact with.

Find out more about Joe Quitoni here https://www.unifyalign.com/our-founder

Keynote Workshop Part 1:

Re-Imagining Experience - Establishing a Foundation for Excellence in Healthcare

Session Description

Reset your ecosystem to unleash the full potential of leaders and caregivers, resulting in an optimal people and patient experience.

Whether an independent Physician group, multi-hospital system, or somewhere in between, employers must be proactive in building a purposeful culture than enhances the business as well as the people and patient experience.

This thought-provoking keynote provides the insights and implementable best practices that are needed to create and sustain a culture that creates a competitive advantage. Physicians, Executives, Administrators and Leaders ready to re-imagine the experience will walk away with actionable ideas that will inspire, motivate and activate change.

Learning Objectives

  • Foundation of a Winning Culture
  • People Processes that Work
  • Activating a Culture that Lasts


Tuesday May, 9
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM (1.25 CE hours) 

Joe Quitoni

Founder and CEO


Find out more about Joe Quitoni here https://www.unifyalign.com/our-founder

Keynote Workshop Part 2 / Closing Session:

Re-Imagining Strategy - Turning Patient Interactions Into Elevated Experiences

Session Description

Applying a radically human approach to the patient experience is critical forsuccessin a modernized and complex world.

Whether an independent Physician group, multi-hospital system, or somewhere in between, organizations that are maniacally focused on experience efforts are thriving, resulting in optimized patient engagement and advocacy.

This thought-provoking keynote provides the insights and implementable best practices that build trust and influence patient’s perception of care. Healthcare professionals will walk away with actionable ideas designed to transform the way they engage and drive a differentiated patient experience.

Learning Objectives

  • The Experience Fundamentals
  • Activating a Strategy that Works
  • The Power of Human Connection